Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allboymama is Alive!

Well I set out to learn to blog in 2011 & didn't do much with it, but hey I won a few things & IF there's ever more time in the day I will update more.  The picture of the boys & I was taken at the end of the summer when Grandma took us to Catalina :)  Here's a quick update...

The tall one (my step-son) has begun his freshman year at USC (which doesn't seem right being raised on UCLA, but thank God for academic scholarships).  We are really going to miss him around here, but thank goodness for facebook so we can see him in silly frat party costumes like this one below lol

My first born (13 this Friday...yikes) is in his first year of tackle football & in Jr HS with 4 honors classes, advanced reading & Spanish.  How he finds time to text the girls I have no idea.  Below is a picture of his team & cheerleaders doing their push up countdown (of points earned) at the end of the game.  He's at front right closest to coach.

My elementary boy is an upper grader and now that he is getting letter grades (rather than numbers) he's obsessed with checking his grades lol.  I guess it's better than the alternative.  He is also anxiously awaiting basketball season.  

and the baby (joy of our lives) has begun to walk although he prefers crawling & furniture cruising still at 14 months.  He's up moving around now so gotta go!

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