Monday, January 10, 2011

Hot Baths are Waaaaaay Underrated

Clip Art Image: Woman Relaxing In a Tub Full of Bubbles
As I rock my fussy baby & type with one hand, I am thinking about how wonderful it was to get a nice hot bath with epsom salts earlier this evening.  Never mind that I never made it to the shower earlier in the day & had enough spit up on me today that I could have used 3 showers.  Seriously, why is it that I don't use that jacuzzi tub more?  I even got to shave my legs.  God only knows the last time I did that.  Hey it's winter.  I'm wearing pants.  It's not like I let people see my legs like that.  After soaking a bit, shaving, washing & conditioning my hair, the sounds of stomping tennis shoes (from Mr. Flash, my 8 year old) and dog nails on the tile outside the bathroom door told me my 20 minutes of bliss were over.  I jumped out, threw on a robe & hollered to Mr. Cool, my 12 year old, to see if he was dressed & ready for his basketball practice.  Mr. Wonderful, yes thats my husband, did the taxi job to & from practice tonight.  I love that man.

Well, the baby is not so fussy now, but he's wide awake.  I think I'll go text Mr. Tall, my 18 year old step-son, to see how his 1st semester finals week is coming along.  Yikes!  One one semester, then he's off to college.  Funny how it just hits you at times how fast the time is going.  We should all slow down long enough for hot baths because they're waaaaaay underrated.

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