Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why I'm Starting to Blog...

I've jumped onto this bloggin' bandwagon & while I'm not going to commit to writing x times a week, I hope to catch some glances of what it's like to raise men in America before it slips by so fast that I forget what it was like to have my baby drifting of to sleep in my lap as I'm on the computer (yep he's almost a goner) or what it was like to juggle baseball tryouts, basketball games, church & family time on the weekend (like our upcoming weekend).  I'm a pretty busy mom raising a pack of boys here, so why am I blogging?  Well, I haven't found the time to journal, scrapbook, or even videotape the way I'd like to...and well, writing a blog is a sign of the times, along with joining twitter & facebook.  I've been on facebook for quite a while now, but I've just signed up with twitter & blogger as allboymama.  So if I ever have a girl I'll have to change that name....Now that's funny & scary!

I seriously have a sign hanging on a wall in the living room that reads "DUDE RANCH".  Currently our oldest, my step-son, is 18 years old, next we have our 12 year old, 8 year old, and the baby will be 6 months old on January 15th.  My dog is also male.  I'm "not allowed" to get a cat, but if I did get one I would rather have a male cat too.  Everyone of our boys is such a blessing & I can't imagine life without them.  They have a pretty cool Dad too.  I am so thankful for the way their daddy works so hard and proud of the father that he has become over the years.

Please be patient if you follow my blog from the get go.  I will be learning as I'm doing here.  If you have any tips for me I'm all ears.  I wanted to learn more before jumping into the blog scene, but upon entering a few online giveaways recently I noticed that I would get more entries for tweeting & grabbing blog buttons.  Soooo, I figure I might as well win a few things while I'm learning, right?

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