Thursday, January 20, 2011

New You 2011 "What's Your Food Weakness?"

Thursday Weight Support Loss Link-Up

The question of the week is..."What's your Food Weakness?"

My biggest weakness is sugary foods.  My sweet tooth has been quite active lately.  So, I will need to plan ahead this upcoming week.  Most important is weeding out the junk food in this house and having fresh fruit handy when my sweet tooth kicks in.

Lately I have not been motivated to eat right.  I want to be motivated to eat right, but I'm just not that into it.  So I need to have accountability and that is why I am linking up with the "New You".  My sister in law is supposed to be coming out here from Texas soon as we're planning on supporting each other and eating right together.  She's even checking into bringing her daughter out here to complete her second semester of school here in California.  

Food is only part of the weight loss equation.  Exercise is key.  I went on a great hike last Friday.  I ended up using a hard framed back carrier for the baby and boy did I work up an appetite!  It was not only a great workout, but I was able to spend some quality time with my girlfriends on the trail.  Jamie had some good tips about making easy changes in her diet.  One of the things she's doing is no whites after 5pm.  So she can have the baked potato as long as she has it before 5pm.  I love her motto for 2011...Celery sticks instead of chips!

I'm looking forward to another great hike this Friday.  I would like to set specific exercise goals this next week & then work on better meal planning.  I would like to lose another 25 lbs.  So it's time to step it up with my physical activity & step it down with the sugary foods.


  1. Sugary foods are so hard to give up! Thanks for linking up to New You 2011!

  2. I'm following your progress now- would love it if you follow me back- i'm just starting out too.

  3. Thanks! I'm following "Tess's Weight Loss Plan.... now. Good luck!