Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Button Help

I'm a newbie blogger.  I'm learning as I go and I'm thrilled to have found a few tutorials on Blog Buttons to help me along.

I used "How to Make a Blog Button" at blogging with Amy to go to to make a quick blog button for now.  I can always go make a better one later.  While there are great pictures with this tutorial and it seems very thorough, I believe she's using Word Press so at times it seems different than what I'd need to do in blogger.

Next, I found a blog that Jennie Shell originally created as a place to play & tweak so that she wouldn't mess up her real blog & now it has morphed into a blog help blog.  The blog now has a bunch of tutorials she wrote to help fellow bloggers.  Although, I get the feeling that blogging was a passing phase and she doesn't blog much now.  Jennie makes creating a clickable blog button (using html code) sound easy.

Jennie also has a tutorial on adding the code under your button for others to grab.  However, I had a glitch that I couldn't figure out till I saw the next tutorial (which also had a glitch, but I figured it out..sort of).

Skye at Real Mom Reviews has a quick tutorial for how to add a "Grab My Button" widget.  This is best for people that don't need a lot of words, but would like to see pictures.  She had the code I copied to put the box under my button so others could grab my code.  It worked, but the text box wasn't centered under my button at.  I messed with it adding <center></center> into the code and it looked right, but then I changed blog layouts & now it still needs tweaking.

here's the tutorial...

Now for all those blog buttons that you've added to your blog haphazardly, Faith at Simplicity has this tutorial to clean them up.  I also had to go through and either add or take out a </center> or a <center> in between some buttonss to get two buttons on each line (before I changed the blog layout).  I didn't get it all figured out though because I still had a few lines that are one button lines.  So I changed my blog layout

Then I decided to check out the next two tutorial links on making the blog buttons scroll, but as I post this I still haven't got around to scrolling my blog buttons.  Hopefully one or both of the links will be helpful.

and another

Soon I will attempt adding hyperlinks in my posts so that you don't have to look at those long links.  It just seems like a pain in the butt, but it's really not that big of a deal

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